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Why do you need OMGF Pro?

Compared to the free version of OMGF, OMGF Pro comes packed with several advanced features, allowing you to improve your WordPress site’s Google Fonts implementation.

Maximize Performance

  • Combine & Deduplicate Stylesheets: Reduce external requests (i.e. server lookups or, DNS requests) by combining all requests to into 1 locally hosted stylesheet.
  • Define a Fallback Font Stack: Reduce Cumulative Layout Shift by properly implementing font-display swapping and defining a (stack of) fallback font-families for each of your fonts.
  • Preload fonts: easily preload key requests from within the Management panel.

OMGF Pro goes beyond locally hosting Google Fonts and provides you with tools to Reduce bloat caused by other plugins and themes:

  • Easily unload font-styles (e.g. italics) and/or font-weights (e.g. bold) you don’t use.
  • Force which subsets should be loaded for all fonts throughout your WordPress configuration.

OMGF Pro is Recommended By:

OMGF Pro is recommended by GreenGeeks Web Hosting.
OMGF Pro is recommended by WP Rocket.
WPLift recommends OMGF Pro.

Increase GDPR Compliance

If you’re using their fonts, Google logs all your visitors.

To comply with GDPR law, this basically means that you’re not allowed to show your fancy fonts to them until they’ve accepted your cookie notice and privacy policy… Ouch!

[I’m sure I don’t have to explain to you why you don’t want this..]

OMGF Pro automatically parses your site’s contents for Google Fonts and eliminates all requests to Google‘s servers, even if they’re loaded using unconventional methods like:

  • Webfont Loader or, webfont.js
  • Inline @import or @font-face statements,
  • @import and @font-face statements embedded in CSS files,
  • Google’s Early Access API, etc.
  • Basically, anything!

This includes resource hints, i.e. dns-prefetch, preload or preconnect headers!

Questions & Answers

Click here for pre-sales related questions.

I’m 99,99% sure it will. 🙂

OMGF Pro comes packed with many advanced detection methods and digs much deeper than the free version and scans for:

  • Early Access fonts
  • Inline @font-face and @import statements
  • @import and @font-face statements in CSS stylesheets
  • Fonts loaded using WebFont Config i.e. WebFont Loader or webfont.js
  • Requests to or anywhere in the document.

Basically, the only fonts OMGF Pro can’t find, are the ones that’re loaded asynchronously by embedded items, e.g. Google Maps or Support Chat widgets.

More information about OMGF Pro’s different detection methods is available here.

No, but I offer a 14 day money-back guarantee. This will give you plenty of time to try the plugin. If for any reason you’re not completely happy with it, I’ll refund your purchase amount in full. No questions asked.

As soon as you active the plugin, all of OMGF Pro’s features will be activated in OMGF’s settings screen.

Because I work according to the Single Responsibility Principle. A programming principle, which prevents code duplication and overhead. In other words, it helps me keep my work organized and guarantees peak performance.

Although it’s impossible to test a plugin with all WordPress plugins available on the market, I’m fairly sure it will. Might you run into issues after installing OMGF Pro, contact me and we’ll make it work.


I offer a no hassle, no fuss 14 day money back guarantee, so you’ll have plenty of time to play around with it and test the plugin. Ofcourse I’m always available to support you with configuring the plugin according to your wishes, but if for any reason you’re not completely happy with the plugin, I will refund you your purchase amount in full. No questions asked.

Yes, ofcourse! Every license includes an infinite amount of activations for local and/or staging environments, as long as their domains match any of these patterns:

  • localhost
  • *.dev
  • *.local
  • dev.*
  • staging.*

No. For that you need another add-on for OMGF, called Additional Fonts.

You can find OMGF Pro’s main documentation page here. There you’ll find all links to the different sections of OMGF Pro’s documentation, e.g. the user manual.


  • Extremely effective

    I wanted my site to be fast and slim: that's why I chose Generatepress, setting the fonts on system stack in order not to have troubles with their load. But I still had a problem: three Google Font requests that my caching plugin couldn't manage, even though set to "Optimize Google Fonts". Then, I've bought OMGF Pro and bingo! My Lighthouse score went from 86 to 97. My page size cut to half, no more font requests. This is a strongly recommended plugin.

  • Awesome Plugin and outstanding support!

    Really awesome plugin and very fast and good support!

    Even for theme issues Daan helped me (when my theme's developer wouldn't) and made sure my customer's website was fixed!

    Highly recommendable!

  • Made our site blisteringly fast

    This plugin, Pro version, has taken us from OK on speed to blisteringly fast, and made a massive improvement to our Core Web Vitals on both desktop and mobile. Don’t hesitate to go for the the pro version, it’s worth every penny.

  • Highly recommended, excellent support

    I used OMGF to store the google fonts locally and avoid external calls. Works great and the speed index of the page has improved as well. Thanks for this helpfull tool

  • Tipping point

    I had a website which was hovering around 80 plus for the pagespeed score. Nothing that I did could push the score higher. But when I activated the pro plugin, the score went from 84 to 100. I can now leave pagespeed alone and work on the content. HIghly recommended!

  • Plugin works flawlessly, great customer support!

    I used this plugin for removing every google fonts to use a webpage in China. Pro version works perfectly with Webfont Loader. Support was super fast. Thanks!

  • Highly recommendable

    It couldn’t be simpler.
    Install, few settings and works flawlessly.
    It would be nice if this could be done for other plugins as well 🙂

  • The Best plugin to speed up your Google Fonts

    This is the best plugin to speed up Google Fonts in Wordpess. Very easy install, just one click to optimize and deliver the fonts from your server. The plugin raised my google speed test grade with 25 points, and its lowered the Total Blocking Time.

  • Great produce and super support

    This has been a great and useful product. When we had a minor issue, the support provided was second to none.

    Well worth the investment.

  • Highly recommended!

    Works like a charm and the support is lightning fast. One of the best Pro plugins for this task, highly recommended!

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