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Additional Fonts for OMGF

Easily install additional Google Fonts in WordPress

Additional Fonts is an add-on for OMGF which brings back the ability to install additional Google Fonts i.e. the feature from OMGF v3, that some of you missed in OMGF v4.

Ofcourse, it doesn’t just bring it back. Additional Fonts for OMGF v4 is better, faster and stronger than it’s v3 predecessor. Although I’m not sure it can actually lift weights — or anything, actually.

Features & Improvements

  • New-and-improved search bar, with Auto Complete and Filter options.
  • Improved UX providing a clear, step-by-step interface to compose your Google Fonts download queue and CSS stylesheet.
  • Remember how in v3 you had to remove fonts from the list of Available Styles? Now you just check the load boxes for the fonts you want. This makes it easier to make changes at a later moment.
  • Easily download your fonts and generate the stylesheet with just one click on the Save & Download button.

Upgrading from OMGF v3?

Some of you didn’t want to upgrade to OMGF v4 until this add-on was available. That’s why I included a migration script, which can be easily triggered from within the plugin’s settings tab.

Keep in mind that OMGF v3 didn’t differentiate between fonts added through Auto Detect and fonts added by using the Search Bar. If you were using both simultaneously in v3, the migration script will migrate both of them into Additional Fonts. Be sure to leave previously auto detected fonts unchecked from the download queue to prevent loading the same font twice.


  • Really Pleased With This Plugin

    I have used OMGF for over a year, but the latest version with the Additional Fonts feature is so awesome. It bugged me to no end that the Google font that was large and in my header would first load a standard font and then my Google font subjecting my visitors to an obvious font loading change. Not any more! Load my home page and boom….there is my special Google font with no switch-a-roo with a placeholder font. So smooth! So awesome! So fast!

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