CAOS Super Stealth Upgrade

100% Accurate Google Analytics. Finally.

30% of your visitors use Ad Blockers. They enter your website and leave — unseen.

Source: SocialMediaToday

Ad Blockers don’t only block ads. They block Google Analytics, too. This means you’re missing accurate data when making data driven decisions.

Introducing Stealth Mode

CAOS is the only (!) plugin for WordPress with Stealth Mode technology to intelligently prevent Google Analytics from being blocked by Ad Blockers.

While CAOS Stealth Mode Lite only bypasses less agressive/intelligent ad blockers, the CAOS Super Stealth Upgrade bypasses all Ad Blockers.

How does it work?

Ad Blockers listen to so-called 3rd party requests. I.e. requests made to anything but your own domain/server. Any request to a domain that is on the Ad Blocker’s blacklist is blocked. and are on that list.

The name’s Stealth, Super Stealth.

CAOS Super Stealth Upgrade doesn’t just bypass all ad blockers. It does it 10 – 15 times faster than Stealth Mode Lite.

With CAOS Super Stealth Upgrade enabled, the data is sent to the Super Stealth API (which is installed automatically on your server and functions apart from WordPress) before sending it to Google Analytics.

Through the back door, as it were.

CAOS Super Stealth Upgrade is Recommended By:

CAOS Super Stealth Upgrade is recommended by Kinsta.
CAOS Super Stealth Upgrade is recommended by WP Rocket.
KeyCDN recommends CAOS Super Stealth Upgrade.


  • Great plugin and Amazing support

    The plugin does what it advertises, it allows you to see traffic that is otherwise hidden by adblockers.

    I ran into problems after a migration though, something broke but I couldn’t figure it out. Luckily Daan provider amazing support, far beyond what you’d normally expect from a plugin developer. Never gave up and kept going until the issue was resolved, absolutely would recommend this plugin and the developer behind it!

  • Indispensable when using Google Analytics

    Hosting Analytics locally has two advantages: the site gets a lot faster and the statistics are 100% accurate. It does not matter which browser or adblock extensions the visitor visits your site, by means of the “CAOS super stealth upgrade” all visitors, whether or not with an anonymous IP address, are counted. This plugin is indispensable when using Google Analytics. I received good support from the developer. He has adapted his CAOS-plugin according to my personal wishes. I’m very happy with it!

  • 100% accurate Analytics

    Daan's Stealth Mode was crucial in getting correct Google Analytics for our ecommerce website. Now, with the new Super Stealth Upgrade, we're confident that our Analytics are 100% accurate and not affected by any ad blockers. This plugin and upgrade are a must for anyone looking for completely accurate Google Analytics.

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