Google Analytics for WordPress done Right.

On March 28th, 2022 a political agreement has been reached to provide an update to the EU-US Privacy Shield which will include “binding safeguards to limit access to data by U.S. intelligence authorities.” While this is good news for EU website owners wanting to keep using Google Analytics, there’s no written legislation yet.

I’m keeping an eye on the developments and working close with other developers and privacy experts. I will provide an update once proper legislation is in place so you can keep using Google Analytics (possibly consent-free) and bypass ad blockers in the EU. Till then, using CAOS Pro in the EU is at your own risk.

What makes CAOS Pro the coolest Google Analytics plugin for WordPress? Well, a bunch of things! But essentially, it’s the way it does things absolutely different compared to other plugins.

Unique Features to Power Up Google Analytics

If you’re familiar with the free version of CAOS, you know I do things a little different around here.

CAOS was the first to bring locally hosting analytics.js to WordPress.

After many plugins copied that feature, CAOS was the first to rename Google Analytics’ JS-libraries (e.g. gtag.js) in an attempt to bypass ad blockers.

CAOS Pro takes things to the next level with features you won’t find in any other Google Analytics plugin for WordPress*.

* Until copycats’ll copy it, ofcourse 😉

This is an add-on for CAOS that unlocks several features to power up your Google Analytics and protect your website’s users, such as:

  • True IP Anonymization,
  • Cookieless Analytics,
  • Stealth Mode, and
  • Cloaked Affiliate Link Tracking.

These features will allow you to use Google Analytics in a fully privacy-friendly fashion while receiving 100% accurate statistics!

CAOS Pro is Recommended By:

CAOS Pro is recommended by Kinsta.
CAOS Pro is recommended by WP Rocket.
KeyCDN recommends CAOS Pro.

Protect your Data and your Users with CAOS Pro

Unlike any other Google Analytics plugin for WordPress, CAOS Pro protects your data and your users’ privacy using multiple unique, homebrewed technologies, like Stealth Mode.

True IP Anonymization

Google Analytics offers a simple way to anonymize IP’s in your Google Analytics data.

However, Austria’s privacy watchdog (DSB) recently found this implementation to be faulty and in breach of GDPR.

The reason? The IP is sent to Google Analytics’ (US) servers and then masks it by itself.

CAOS Pro offers True IP Anonymization, which actually masks your user’s IP address before sending it to Google Analytics‘ servers.

Stealth Mode

Did you know approx. 30% of your visitors use ad blockers? They enter your website and leave — unseen.

Source: SocialMediaToday

Ad Blockers don’t only block ads. They block trackers, like Google Analytics, too. This means you’re missing out on accurate date when making data driven decisions for your business!

This is the only (!) plugin for WordPress with Stealth Mode technology to intelligently prevent Google Analytics from being blocked by any Ad Blocker!

CAOS Pro blows away the competition when it comes to accurate Google Analytics stats.
CAOS Pro blows away the competition when it comes to accurate Google Analytics stats.

Cookieless Analytics & Much More…

CAOS Pro offers out-of-the-box Cookieless Analytics. A powerful feature that offers another layer of protecting your visitor’s privacy.

To top it all off, by enabling Cookieless Analytics allows you to Track Ad Blockers by session (as opposed to pageviews in CAOS.) Besides that, you’ll find that Cloaked Affiliate Link Tracking is incredibly easy and straight-forward to configure!

In short, CAOS Pro truly is the only Google Analytics plugin for WordPress that finally gets it right.

Questions & Answers

Click here for pre-sales related questions.

No, but I offer a 14 day money-back guarantee. This will give you plenty of time to try the plugin. If for any reason you’re not completely happy with it, I’ll refund your purchase amount in full. No questions asked.

As soon as you active the plugin, all of the plugin’s features will be activated in CAOS’ settings screen.

Because I work according to the Single Responsibility Principle. A programming principle, which prevents code duplication and overhead. In other words, it helps me keep my work organized and guarantees peak performance.

Although it’s impossible to test a plugin with all WordPress plugins available on the market, I’m fairly sure it will. Might you run into issues after installing this plugin, contact me and we’ll make it work.


I offer a no hassle, no fuss 14 day money back guarantee, so you’ll have plenty of time to play around with it and test the plugin. Ofcourse I’m always available to support you with configuring the plugin according to your wishes, but if for any reason you’re not completely happy with the plugin, I will refund you your purchase amount in full. No questions asked.

Yes, ofcourse! Every license includes an infinite amount of activations for local and/or staging environments, as long as their domains match any of these patterns:

  • localhost
  • *.dev
  • *.local
  • dev.*
  • staging.*

You can find its main documentation page here.