OMGF (Pro): CompatibILITY

Tested Themes & Page Builders

OMGF and OMGF Pro and its Auto Detect features are tested contiuously with popular themes and page builders to make sure they follow the latest conventions stated by WordPress and the PHP Team.

Is your theme/plugin not listed here? No worries. It’s impossible to test OMGF (Pro) with the millions themes and plugins available on the market. Just shoot me a message including your theme or page builder and I’ll see what I can do.

Are you a theme and/or page builder developer and you’d like to have your theme/plugin listed here? Feel free to contact me!

Theme / PluginOMGF *OMGF Pro
Astra (Pro)YesYes
AvadaNoNo **
Divi ***YesYes
GeneratePress (Pro)YesYes
Genesis FrameworkYesYes
Thrive ThemeNoYes
Twenty SixteenYesYes
Twenty TwentyYesYes
* OMGF Free isn’t compatible with all themes, because the theme in question loads Google Fonts outside WordPress’ header or adds them using unconventional methods.
** OMGF Pro isn’t compatible with Avada (yet), because Avada includes Google Fonts with the theme in (unoptimized) TTF format and includes them in a stylesheet.
*** Make sure Use Google Fonts is enabled in Divi’s general options.

Known Issues with other Plugins

It’s impossible to test OMGF (Pro) with all WordPress Plugins available on the market. That’s why, as I (or other users) find issues/solutions with other plugins I will add them here. Found one? Let me know!

Plugin NameIssueSolution
AutoptimizeIf Autoptimize’s option Optimize Google Fonts is set to any option other than Leave as is, OMGF (Pro) can’t detect any fonts.Set Optimize Google Fonts to Leave as is.
iThemes SecurityOMGF (Pro) can’t detect and download any fonts if this plugin is enabled.Disable iThemes Security before running OMGF’s detection routine. After succesful completion, re-enable iThemes Security.

Note: OMGF’s Automatic optimization mode might run into continuous issues while iThemes Security is enabled.
LiteSpeed CacheOMGF (Pro) doesn’t detect and/or download any fonts.Set Load Google Fonts Asynchronously to Off in LiteSpeed Cache > Page Optimization > HTML Settings (used to be Optimization.)
NinjaFirewallOMGF (Pro) can’t detect and/or download any fonts.Before running OMGF’s detection routine (whether in Automatic or in Manual mode) temporarily disable Set X-Content-Type-Options to protect against MIME type confusion attacks under Ninja FIrewall > Firewall Policies > Advanced Policies.
OxygenWebFont loader isn’t properly removed.Before running OMGF’s detection routine (whether in Automatic or Manual mode) go to Oxygen > Settings > Bloat Eliminator, check Disable webfont.js and Save Changes.
PerfMattersOMGF (Pro) can’t detect and/or download any fonts.Before running OMGF’s Auto-detect make sure the option Disable REST API is set to Default (enabled).
Once you’ve finished configuring OMGF’s stylesheets, you can put it back to one of the other options.
Thrive ArchitectOMGF Pro doesn’t remove external requests.After running OMGF Pro’s optimization routine, go to Thrive Dashboard > General Settings and check Disable all Google Fonts loaded by Thrive on your website.

When running OMGF Pro in Automatic Optimization Mode, check the Task Manager to make sure it’s processed all posts/pages and archives before enabling the above mentioned option.

If you ever need to change fonts, disable the above mentioned option. Run OMGF Pro’s optimization routine and when finished, enable the option again.