OMGF (Pro) — Troubleshooting

OMGF (Pro) doesn’t detect/download any fonts.

First, if you’re using a CSS minification/combination plugin that also has an option to optimize Google Fonts, e.g. Autoptimize, WP Rocket or Asset Cleanup, try disabling that option. It might be interfering with OMGF (Pro). Make sure to flush its cache after changing the setting.
Second, some security plugins (e.g. NinjaFirewall and iThemes Security) can interfere with OMGF’s proper functioning. Before running OMGF’s detection routine, try temporarily disabling these plugins. After OMGF (Pro) has downloaded the fonts and generated the stylesheet you can enable them again.
Some servers have taken security measures that might trigger a false positive when OMGF’s API is triggered. For example Apache’s firewall mod_security might see it as a SQL injection attack. You can safely add OMGF’s API call to the whitelist and run the optimization process again.
If that doesn’t work, check the list of Compatible Themes and Plugins to see if your version of OMGF is tested with your theme and or plugins. Make sure to scroll through the entire list, because I’m continuously updating this list with my findings.
Sometimes an upgrade to OMGF Pro is required, click here to purchase OMGF Pro. Is your theme not listed there? No worries. Just shoot me a message including your site’s URL and your theme and I’ll see what we can do about it.

OMGF Pro breaks styling of certain elements.

OMGF Pro uses a HTML5 DOM validator to scan for existing Google Fonts, because this is much more efficient than using regular expressions. However, when your site’s DOM contains invalid HTML code, e.g. a paragraph (<p>) element inside a header (<h1>) element, or an unclosed <div> element, the validator will attempt to fix this and this might break your styling since the DOM’s structure changes.

My website’s page source contains a <link rel=”dns-prefetch” /> element pointing to

OMGF Pro contains the option to remove any resource hints pointing to or If you’re a OMGF Free user, upgrade to Pro.

The URL to the generated stylesheet/downloaded fonts returns a 404 (Not Found) error.

Review your settings on the Advanced Settings tab. If you’re using a CDN, make sure it’s URL contains the protocol (e.g. https://)

After installing OMGF Pro, I can’t find the settings in WordPress’ administrator area.

OMGF Pro is an add-on for OMGF and runs on top of OMGF. Make sure OMGF and OMGF Pro are both installed.

The loading of the generated stylesheets takes very long (>1s)

When Optimization Mode is set to Automatic, OMGF (Pro) sends any requests to through its Download API the first time it captures them. Downloading all the font files and generating the stylesheet takes a while. Every consequent pageload will serve the stylesheet immediately, i.e. the stylesheet will be served fast, like any other file.

The Optimize Google Fonts menu item isn’t available in Settings in WordPress Admin screen.

OMGF Pro serves as an add-on for OMGF. Make sure OMGF is installed when activating OMGF Pro.

My issue isn’t listed here.

If your issue is not listed here, search the OMGF support forum on to see if your question is answered there. If not, do one of the following:

– For OMGF Free, ask your question on the Support Forum,
– For OMGF Pro, contact me directly using the contact form.