OMGF (Pro) — Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This is a FAQ section specifically meant for questions about OMGF Free and Pro.

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I’m getting an error: {font-family} could not be found using the current configuration. What can I do about this?

This is usually due the subsets you set under Force Subsets. OMGF Pro detected a font that isn’t available in (one of the) subsets you selected.

Why isn’t OMGF Free compatible with my theme?

WordPress isn’t just a Content Management System (CMS). Under the hood it’s a framework to build upon, using plugins and themes. Every framework comes with conventions: suggestions/rules to follow while developing. The free version of OMGF follows these conventions and is therefore compatible with all themes and plugins which implement Google Fonts according to these conventions. Not all themes or plugins (can) follow these conventions, due to the nature of the product. And I believe in modularity. That’s why the Pro version of OMGF serves as an add-on, and is designed specifically for themes and plugins implementing Google Fonts differently.

Why do I have to keep OMGF installed along with OMGF Pro?

Because I work according to the Single Responsibility Principle. SRP states that every class or module in a program should be responsible for just one piece of that program’s functionality. That’s why OMGF Pro functions as an add-on for OMGF and literally only adds extra functionality to OMGF. Nothing more.

Is it safe to download a nulled version of OMGF Pro?

No, for various reasons explained here.

I have another question.

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