CAOS Super Stealth Upgrade — Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This is a FAQ section specifically meant for questions about CAOS Super Stealth Upgrade.

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Is using Super Stealth compliant with GDPR laws?

Short answer, yes.
Long answer, whether or not you use Super Stealth doesn’t change anything in your GDPR compliance. In other words, whether or not you respect Ad Blockers is not part of GDPR laws.

What about Privacy laws?

While it might seem invasive to bypass a visitor’s Ad Blockers. Your website is still passing the same data to Google Analytics as it would with visitors not using an Ad Blocker. Whether or not your site respects Privacy Laws, is entirely up to its configuration, e.g. the usage of Cookie Notices, anonymization of IP’s, etc.

Does CAOS Super Stealth Upgrade also recover missing data from before I activated it?

No. Unfortunately tihs data is lost. If a visitor enters your site with an Ad Blocker enabled, the visit isn’t registered anywhere. Meaning, there was never any data to begin with.

Does CAOS Super Stealth Upgrade work with Google Analytics Enhanced Commerce?

Yes, it does. All requests to Google Analytics’ ec.js and linkid.js are redirected to Google Analytics’ servers through your server. Just like Super Stealth does with the /collect calls.

I use a Content Delivery Network (CDN). Can I use CAOS Super Stealth Upgrade?

Yes, but you might have to modify your Cross Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) settings. Your CDN should be allowed to request resources from and vice versa. Also, when Plugin Handling is set to Super Stealth Upgrade the super-stealth.php script (and additional plugins, e.g. ec.js) will still be served from your own server, because a CDN can only serve static content. A CDN can’t execute dynamic content (PHP) and the plugins need to be on the same server as the super-stealth.php script.

I use CloudFlare. Can I use CAOS Super Stealth Upgrade?

Yes. CloudFlare manages your DNS, so no additional configuration is required!

Is it safe to download a nulled version of CAOS Super Stealth Upgrade?

No, for various reasons listed here.

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