Don’t Play; Fast Forward.

Smart Solutions to Outplay the Competition.

Pawn King checkmate

Dare to be Different

I continue where others left off…

Flying Press, PerfMatter, WP Rocket and others have tried to copy my methods. None succeeded.

Often Imitated, Never Duplicated

  • I was the first to introduce:
  • Others have tried to copy my optimisation techniques and failed, either in functionality or performance.

Never Compromise

Using a plugin shouldn’t cost you your performance. That’s why I build my plugins according to the Single Responsibility Principle.

  • Don’t Pay for Features you don’t Need: Each optimisation technique or feature is built as a separate plugin or add-on, instead of (overly) complete “all-in-one” plugins.
  • Maintain Performance: Your WordPress configuration will not be bloated with features (and code) you don’t need or use.

You will get exactly what you need. Nothing less.

Dare to be different. Paper plane and red plane taking the lead.

Who am I?

I’m a carefully seasoned WordPress developer and performance blogger at I’ve been speeding up the web with my blog posts since 2010.

In 2015 I launched CAOS, the first Google Analytics plugin that actually boosted your site’s performance. In 2018 I did the same for Google Fonts with OMGF and in 2019 I introduced Stealth Mode for CAOS; The first Google Analytics plugin for WordPress to avoid Ad Blockers.

OMGF and CAOS now account for over 70.000 active installs and 200+ 5-star reviews! Read more